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Dr. Indy

Speech-Language Pathologist

Observation determines whether further speech-language assessment and/or referrals are needed. 


Following screening, evaluation, or referral, a comprehensive plan for therapy or services is put into place.

Intervention & Therapy

As part of intervention and therapy enrollment, recommendations are tailored for all ages and needs.

Consultation & Resources

Dr. Indy collaborates with parents and teachers to provide tools and strategies for success at home, school and beyond.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Although similarities in development do exist, no two children are exactly alike. I take special care to accommodate your child's needs by customizing their speech and language therapy journey in order advance their pace of development. 

About me

Dr. Indy Soos Cesari is a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in early childhood development. Her private practice focuses on improving communication skills by integrating and balancing cognitive, physical, emotional, and social therapy.

Getting Help

Early intervention is key when dealing with a speech or language developmental issue. It takes advantage of the critical window for language acquisition and gives parents and caregivers more time to make decisions. It also prevents any areas that may require supplemental instruction from becoming more challenging to remediate.


Early Identification




Evaluation or Referral




Ongoing Consultation

Dr. Cesari is one of those rare professionals who is truly passionate about working with people. I know from working with her collaboratively to help a number of children that she gives 100% of her knowledge, experience, and energy to every family with whom she consults. Dr. Cesari is a tremendous resource to families and professionals in need of an expert in the area of speech and language issues.

Dr. Mark Crawford

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